THE STALLION PT. 3 - words and music by Ween
*from the album "Pure Guava"

A big thanks has to go out to Australian Dan's Ween page for help on the
lyrics ( This song is kinda hard to write
out 'cuz the lyrics don't really follow the music for the most part. I
learned how to play this by a live video so I'm pretty sure it's right.
Play the main part unless noted.

Main part - (D7, F, C, C)

Second part - (G, C, G, C, G, C)

The Stallion Pt. 3 - by Ween

(main part)
Mach 10 at sudden speed
Flying into the wind now
I'm flowing at my feet
Something of likeness to you now
I spotted you in the sun
I called your name from a distance
I knew you were the one
I called again

(second part)
I do declare
I can float in the air
And with some love from above

(main part)
Don't caress the weasel
And don't fall too soon
Don't seek the blood from the panther
Don't take a trip to you soon
I'm the one helding the time back from the sun
As i scope the

(second part)
lobe I am the one
Who controls the sun
And i know that things will pass as time

(main part)
Time elapsing through the sound of you
And the things we could do
Just think of the master
Trying to fool the blastman
Check the cards at the table
Scream softly you are able

(second part)
To see the sign of thine self as
Throughout the ages of time
Things u thought weren't going to climb the mountain

(main part)
See the sun
Touch the waves of the earth
Feel the grass softly
And don't think for the one you know
I am - screaming backward in the sand

(second part)
Hey, dude, he's the stallion
Yo, dude, he's the stallion
Dude, he's the stallion

solo (play twice)

E |=8=8=6=8=8=10====8=8=6=8=8=10=12=12=12==8=8=6=8=8=10====3=3=3=5=7=8=10==
B |==============10=====================================10=3=3=3=5=7=8=10==
G |========================================================================
D |========================================================================
A |========================================================================
E |========================================================================

**Tabbed by Todd
***version 2***

I figured out this song by wathching the 09/16/97 show in Chicago
and the one on HOB in New Orleans, so I'm sure this is toyally right.

Chords :

D7 Am/F Em/C C G
E-X- -X- -X- -X- -X-
A-X- -X- -3- -3- -10-
D-0- -3- -2- -0- -9-
G-2- -2- -0- -2- -0-
B-1- -1- -0- -1- -8-
E-2- -0- -3- -0- -10-

The main part is D7, Am/F, Em/C
The Second Part (I do declare...) C, G

The solo is the one on the older tab.

***Bass tab*** by Geoffrey Dickens

w w 7x w w w H q 4x w
Mach 10..... I do declare.....

w 3x w w w H q 4x w w 3x w
I am the one..... lapses.....

w w H q 3x w w 5x w w w H
To see the sun..... See the sun..... Hey dude.....
q 3x w w 9x w 12x

**Tabbed by GABOU !!! (The GiantPopples from France)
Awesome Sound - Ween Guitar tabs (