MAIN VEIN - words and music by the Moistboyz
**from Moistboyz II

Main Vein

I think I got most of the chord structure figured out. I havent however even
attempted to it figure out any of the leads and secondary chords and what have you though.
From what i hear it goes from

Gmaj7 to F an octive up to C then pause for a sec then C GG.
then do a little A#maj7 to B#7 or something along those lines
(repeat this whole thing twice.)

then the bridge is like C to B/G to Am then back up.
On the 2nd time around instead of goin back to Am go to Fm.
Do everything in the bridge again (EXCEPT GOING TO Fm) instead do the C GG thing again.

Then start at the begunning and end when you get back to the bridge.
I hope I've helped someone out or something. sorry i did this so crappy but i'm in a
hurry and i dont have much free time

**Tabbed by flameatron
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