ARGUS II  (Argus Part 2)
Tabbed by BananaHammockHero
From Shinola 1.5 – Chords seem right to me, but could be wrong.  Lyrics are what I thought I could hear. They are sorta behind the mix (and lo-fi noise greatness).  Therefore holes/errors in lyrics could be missing/wrong….please fix if you can.

F# B G#m
C#m F# B-Bbm-G#m
C#m F# G#m
C#m F# B-Bbm-G#m
C#m F# G#m

A little bitty snack for Argus
And a snack for the creature in his hand
Wringling through his fingers
And into the soul of man
Hastened by the sound of craving
He turns into an energy form
Focused on the goal of pure soul
And leaving everyone in the dust

Callin’ mom
Call on Argus
Call on your inner pride
Leave them alone
To postulate their own framework
Freak out on the side of real man

(Verse 2)
Johnny had a bad hair color day
So he sorrys up his 2 ????? man
Dragged him along and sang him a song
Flailing his arms in the air
Johnny sent his man to Argus
Gingerly agree
Once aside the mode of time
The freedom planted his seed

(Verse - chords only)