I'LL MISS YOU - words and music by Ween
**from the Beautiful Girls Soundtrack

One of Ween's more 'normal' tunes, MHWKJONES tabbed this out and sent it in
to us. Thanks dude. Minh also sent in his take on it...

I'll Miss You - by Ween

the g d c...chords are the chord shapes with a capo
if you dont have a capo then just play the flat barre chords

G(Ab) D(Eb) C(Db)
it could rain for a 1000 days
D(Eb) G(Ab)
or something i dont know
Ab Eb Db
look to the sun and we're having fun
Eb Ab
besides the river flow
Eb Db
your doing this and your doing that
Eb Ab
working all the time
Ab Eb Db
tonite you'll call me on the phone
Eb Ab
you've got a worried mind
Db Eb Ab Db Bb F
and when you leave you'll go away
Db Bb Ab
gone to stay
Db Eb Ab
dont feel so bad
Db Bb F
it was nice what we had
Db Bb Ab
and you'll be glad
F# Ab
i'll miss you

theres a moon and its bright tonite
the summers gone away
stop the sweat and i'll feel alright
you know its i like it this way
your packing stuff for your big big move
in just a couple of days
you'll be off on your big big cruise
across the u s a


**Version 2*** by Minh

i'm just gonna pretend we are tuned half up aright?

g d am insteada gdc

than the chorus part goes

c d g f Em
f em

and the i'll miss you part is
f to g

**Tabbed by MHWKJONES
Awesome Sound - Ween Guitar tabs (www.vaxxine.com/mtbhl/ween.htm)