Ween - Kim Smoltz
from the Mollusk sessions

G             F                       C
Take it easy, Walk with a light step, baby
Catch a breezy, live amongst the lifeforms in your day
and make a good peice of meat and understand the mind of a leach
Swim around till fish float out of the socket in your skull

Got people, corner of a fungus in your brain
Take it easy, won't wanna live a life in vain
Don't chew things and leave them to rot
woke up with a nose full of snot
baked a pumpkin, the tops burned and I had to thow them

w'Cup this morning, a little sooner than I though
sun was shinning but the flower borke it’s stalk
smelled good and it made me smile
took a run about a quater a mile
felt my lungs swell, so I got myself
back hom