BOING - words and music by Ween
**from the album "The Pod"

I got some help from Australian Dan's Website to help figure out the lyrics
since I'm too lazy to do it myself.
Play the main riff four times then the Chorus.

Boing - by Ween

Main Riff (X 4) Chorus (boing...)
e|===================================== |=7=7=7=7==9=9=9=
B|===================================== |=7=7=7=7==9=9=9=
G|===================================== |=7=7=7=7==9=9=9=
D|====================7=7=9=7==7=7=9=7= |=7=7=7=7==9=9=9=
A|=7=7=9=7==7=7=9=7===5=5=5=5==5=5=5=5= |=5=5=5=5==7=7=7=
E|=5=5=5=5==5=5=5=5==================== |================

Well she's smooth as a poodle and she shits on the shingle at dawn
Rip rip rip van Winkle he can shit on the shingle at dawn
Would you like to do a boing boing boing

She's a fun loving woman and I love to see her wiggle
She's a rooty tooty kid with a piggy in the middle
Would you like to do a boing boing boing

Oh yeah
Oh yeah

***version 2***

boing by ween is A then F# for the intro and verse. the chorus is as
transcribed previously. and be brown.

**Tabbed by Jerm and Todd
Awesome Sound - Ween Guitar tabs (