ODE TO RENE - words and music by Ween
*from the EP "Push Th' Little Daisies"

Ham is da man. Here's better tab for Rene. The English lyrics at the bottom
were stolen from Australian Dan's page. Here's Ham's comments

This sounds pretty damn close. It is hard to tell because I don't
have a nylon string guitar. Hope it works for you. HaM.

Ode To Rene



h = hammer-on
p = pull-off
b = bend
r = bend release
/ = slide up/down
<5> = natural harmonic
[5] = artifical harmonic
~ = vibrato
tr = trill

Ce soir, ajournai , et trois l'avec garcon
Trouver poisson t'elle voux
Jambon ou deux Scweppes, bebe
Pour chous avec no nous, apres tu
Il jamais coissants et tele vous
L'amour, bien, bien
A'vril til madame, monsieur, oui, oui
A vous le vous, for you

Repeat Verse (..for you)
Repeat Verse (..fuck you)

***English Translation

Tonight, postponed....and three with my brother,
finds fish, you and you,
ham and two of Schweppes....baby.

And with no, and with you,
I like croissants , television and you
love, good good...have you, madame, sir, yes, yes,
You and I, for you

***French and English Lyrics*** by Stu

C'est soir, ajournee, et trois l' avec garcon, trouvee
Tonight, moving, and with three men, searching
Presente alles vous, Jambon a' duex au Scweppes, oh baby
Show all of yourself, theres ham, and two Schwepes, oh baby
Pour jous avec non non, apres tu,
There is none for the day, after you
il javais presente alles vous, L'amour, bien bien,
He wants you to show all of yourself, The love! Good, good
En voiture, madame, monseur, oui oui
In the car, Madam, sir, yes yes
A voulez-vous?............
Would you?..............

**Tabbed by Ham(Dham123456@aol.com), English lyrics by Australian Dan
Awesome Sound - Ween Guitar tabs (www.vaxxine.com/mtbhl/ween.htm)